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Testimonials from Our Clients

See, we IMPRUV Fitness Wellness!!!

I am so thankful for the training experience and results I received with K. She trained me before my accident and after up until my neurology checkup months later (I suffered major nerve damage) where my doc was amazed at how much usage I actually regained in my hand. Due to my long term hospitalization I also suffered a very altered range of motion through my abdomen and chest. I couldn't squat without my entire upper body rotating in an awkward way. This was new and something my trainer caught due to our previous work. K never gave up and worked with me through a series of stretch and training sessions that proved great results. I learned so much with KB and will always appreciate my return to functionality!

Mac D.

OMG - I enjoyed working with Kay so much! She is a great teacher and coach. She worked with me at a time when I didn't have a great amount of money to get in shape. I was so disappointed in my physical presentation but she believed, never giving up on me. I probably bought the smallest package I could with her but I received the most abundant resource - her vast knowledge. If I was on the training floor Kay always had her eyes on me and cued from me afar. I never felt alone on my journey! Now I run half marathons regularly and I owe my transformation to KB !

Anna V.

I was so happy working with Kasha. In my home country I was never exposed to the gym and was so intimidated signing up for a big chain in a big city. Other trainers tried to gain my business but Kasha gained my trust. After wasting much time screening other trainers she became the obvious choice as I prepared for my upcoming wedding. She even allowed my only close friend to join on my sessions FREE just so I could do more. It was the best decision I made. I gained much confidence. I lost so many inches on my waist and felt so BEAUTIFUL on my wedding day back home. Kasha is a treasure!

Sinjah R.

As an older male who sits a lot for work I suffer from middle back tension all the way through my upper legs. KBs total body stretch sessions are my treat anytime I am in town visiting. I was so lucky to find her available on short notice one day while visiting - really it was almost an emergency. KB was able to work wonders to the point where I have returned for years now. Sadly I don't live in town or I would see her weekly for sure. Thanks KB.

Brendan J.

I am a traveling social media exec referred by a friend to Kasha for her dedicated work with all body types. As a leg amputee I have opted not to use a prosthetic which means I am using crutches full time. There is so much extra work through my shoulder and lower back at times that I am often feeling tense or unbalanced through my body. After visiting Kasha I was surprised to learn she has worked with several amputees and also her positive reception of my body. Believe me I don't get to visit Portland enough after meeting her. Highly recommend!!!

Dominic R.

Just want to thank Kasha here for her great work with me while I was caring for my ailing wife who required me to provide all physical moving and care through her long illness. I didn't realize how taxing caring for my wife would be on my aging body until meeting Kasha. Her demeanor is that of a very caring person. She always inquired about my wife and me BOTH while teaching me some self care techniques to keep me moving. I always felt relaxed in our sessions. Sadly my wife passed from her illness. Kasha was a great measure of support.

Larry S.

Kasha was amazing. Very knowledgeable and caring for your needs and abilities. Highly recommend.

Jacobsen V.

As an artist I have immersed myself in my work for decades, I also teach. Meeting Kasha was a God send. I was always intimidated in the gym settings so I would just come in to use the treadmill. It was all I felt comfortable using. I had never lifted weights or even did a push up until I placed my trust in Kasha. All the other trainers seemed so disingenuous in their approach. I started with the smallest possible package. Kasha never tried to upset or push for more. We worked through 30 minute sessions, then a 5-pack. Ultimately I felt so incredible I committed to full 50 session package and NEVER regretted it. Sessions with Kasha became my weekly release while I was putting together one of my big shows. The night of came and all of my friends noticed the differences in my body, arms, breasts (a DD since age 14) and how I was holding my posture more confidently. I was a 55 year old mess but no more! I am so thankful to have embarked on my fitness journey with Kasha.

Barb F.

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